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CNA Training Programs & Schools in Texas

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If you’re residing in Texas and you’re looking for a rewarding career helping people in need of constant and quality healthcare, then consider joining the Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) profession.

Texas has over 250 hospitals and more than 120 community care facilities across the state, each of which requires CNAs to contribute to their total healthcare services. Also, with the growing number of elderly requiring personalized care in nursing homes, the demand for CNAs in Texas is slowly but steadily climbing.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 20% growth in the nurse aide and other related, hospital assistance jobs from between 2010 and 2020, so for people interested in entering the medical field by becoming a CNA, now is the perfect time to get trained and certified as a nurse aide in Texas!

CNA’s can expect to earn a median salary of $30,683 per year, according to

Training Program Overview

To meet the growing demand for CNAs, the number of Texas Nursing Schools and Training Programs has grown considerably in the past few years, and still continues to grow. Training is a basic requirement to be eligible for certification and employment as a nurse aide. The State Department of Aging and Disability Services is the agency responsible for approving and certifying Texas Certified Nurses’ Aid Training Programs and Schools.

If you wish to start a career as a CNA or you’re looking for a good career change, we offer you some tips on how to look for a good Texas CNA School.

  • A good training school also provides assistance to their graduates who are qualified for state certification. Training alone will not get you employed. Certification of nurse aides has now become mandatory by virtue of state and federal laws, so getting certified is just as important as getting trained. A good CNA school will help you apply for your certification by submitting your credentials and other requirements to the proper authority in charge of the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Examination (NACEE) in Texas. Nurse aide graduates who successfully pass the NACEE are conferred with the title ‘Certified Nurse Aide’ and are allowed to work in any of the hundreds of healthcare facilities in the state.
  • A good training school also provides assistance to their graduates who are qualified for state certification.
  • Finally, a good nursing school has a record of successful passers to the NACEE. A high pass rate reflects the quality of the training program provided by the education provider.

We’ve compiled for you a list of good CNA Training Programs and Schools in Texas. This should help you get started on your way to becoming a certified nurse aide!

Central Texas College, located in Killeen, Texas offers programs for Certified Nursing Assistants and takes four months to complete on a full time basis. Upon completion, the graduate is also equipped to sit the Texas nurse aide competency exam in order to obtain a CNA license. The program is comprised of a mix of lectures (64 hours) and clinical training (28 hours) and tuition fees are under $1000.

Laredo Community College, in Laredo, Texas, offers a CNA certificate program which covers one semester and is held in the Spring and Fall semesters. Graduates are also prepared for the Texas CNA competency exam. Admitted students are required to have CPR certification, pass a drug screen, a physical examination as well as a criminal background check.

The healthcare industry is a very positive economic contributor in the state of Texas, which has some of the top medical facilities, such as the Anderson Cancer Center. The major cities of Houston and Dallas are the best places to find good nurses aide jobs.

A nurses aide is both a challenging and compassionate career and should not be entered into lightly. Because schools often have strict admission policies, it is important to be certain that this is a suitable field to pursue. With the right attitude and frame of mind, graduating from even the most prominent CNA school is possible, and will be significantly rewarding.

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