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Best Medical Watches for Nurses in 2021

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Nursing watches are very important for several reasons, these watches are not just for checking up on time, they can also play very important roles such as; measuring the pulse of patients, or taking blood pressure readings in the hospitals. Nurse watches are also needed in monitoring the right time to provide medications to patients and for dispensing regular treatments based on schedules.

Buying Guide to Nurse Watches

A nurse in scrubs looking up at her nursing watch

When shopping for the best watch for nurses, there are some key attributes one must pay attention to, these include the following:

  • It should not require winding
  • Must be hygienic
  • Easy to read

The ideal nursing watch must keep good time always, because nurses do not have much spare time to reset their watches in order to keep good time records. The best nursing watches are the ones with military precision features, because they don’t need winding. Some of the best recommendable nursing watches are; the Nurse mates basic watch, and Casio women’s sport white resin and plastic watch.

An ideal nursing watch must be easy to read. It shouldn’t just keep the time perfectly. The best medical nurse watches are usually slightly over-sized, with perfectly visible seconds and minute hands. The ideal nursing watch should be able to keep the time in diverse ways and that it , it must show the seconds, the standard time as well as the military time- a watch that come with these features will give you no problem keeping track of the time, regardless of the procedures you are handling at a particular time of the day.

Lastly, you should go for a nursing watch that is hygienic. This simply means the watch must under no circumstances harbor germs. You need to search specifically for watches that come with bands made from Silicone, metal or plastic materials. Do not go for leather materials because they harbor germs more easily than other band materials. You may also want to consider a water-proof watch that can be easily cleaned with water and such watches can also withstand regular washing of hands.

Best Watch for Nurses Reviews

1. Swatch Women’s GS124 Watch

This is one of the most stylish nursing watches around, it comes with rainbow hues, with round dial and Arabic hourly markers. It comes with a plastic case and plastic dial window plus a quartz movement as well as plastic hand band that comes with a buckle. This watch can resist water up till 30 meters, hence it can be a perfect watch to perform all nursing procedures.

What We Like About It:

  • The watch has a funky and colorful design that is aesthetically appealing, and its main sturdy frame and functions are not compromised.
  • It is relatively lightweight, hence it is comfortable to wear all day. It doesn’t cause any itching or skin problems when strapped to the hand every day.
  • The face is larger than many of its main rivals, hence it meets ladies standards.

2. Dakota Mini Clip Microlight Watch

One of the most unique features of this watch is that it comes with an LED screen display that makes time reading even more vivid and great. This watch is a premium style nursing watch because it comes with an antique alloy finishing, especially on the case. It comes with a water resistance of up to 100 feet, plus an integrated carabiner. The white military dial on the screen even makes it more functional than many of its competitors.

What We Like About It:

  • The LED light located at the crown of the watch helps users to watch their steps in the night or even locate keyholes in dark rooms.
  • The luminescent hands and hour markers also provide extra lightning for reading the watch in dark environments.
  • The military dial alongside the Miyota movements are very reliable.

3. Casio Women’s LRW200H Watch

Our third review is of the well-known and reliable brand – Casio. This is an all-white colored watch with bi-directional bezel plus a round dial. It also comes with a resin case alongside mineral dial window and tells both the time and the day.

The Japanese quartz movement plus analog display are reliable, while the model resin band comes with buckle closure. Aside from being used as a nurse watch, it can also be used for swimming or snorkeling because of its 330 feet water resistance capacity. This watch comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, hence it is reliable.

What We Like About It:

  • It’s water resistant up to 100 m (330 ft)
  • It tells the time and day
  • Fits small wrists (it has more slots accommodate those with petite hands)It’s aesthetically pleasing, small, lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Great reviews from nurses and pre-nursing students wearing this watch during their shifts.

4. Timex Easy Reader Band Watch

Yet another stylish but effective nurses’ watch that is easy to read with an analog display. Nurses will like the Indiglo light-up which comes up when you push in the setting knob and will come in handy for night duty. Since washing hands regularly, this watch is water-resistant to splashing or rain (but not to showering).

It’s brass material should have you wear this watch in your nursing career for many years. The length of the watch band is roughly 6.5 inches and links can easily be taken out if you have a small wrist. This nursing watch is great value for money from a reliable brand.

What We Like About It:

  • This watch is nurse-friendly with a big screen, analog dial and easy to read numbers.
  • It lights up in the dark.
  • Long-lasting, should last you between 5-7 years.

5. Swatch Twice Again Unisex Watch

Our final reviews is yet another winning watch for nurses and nursing students. The unisex Swatch Twice Again watch has a large face measuring approx. 1 3/8″ in diameter and Arabic numerals. The design of the watch is simple and practical and is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about sweating in it while you work out or are washing your hands regularly.

While this watch is unisex, the dial face will appear rather large if you have a small wrist. It also doesn’t have the feature to light up in dark environments. Apart from that, reviewers commented on the durability, practicality and design this Swatch watch offers.

What We Like About It:

  • It’s water-resistant and that is important since nurses often wash their hands in water and soap.
  • The face-dial is large and easy to read.
  • It’s affordable and compatible to other well known watches like Casio and Timex.
  • Unisex – simple, practical and it keeps good time.

Best Medical Nursing Watches – The Bottom Line

A nurse’s watch should not be purchased just for performing basic medical procedures, the watch should also be useful for leisure activities such as snorkeling, and swimming. Most buyers often ignore the importance of warranties on nursing watches, whereas that should be the first factor to consider because it allows the user of the watch to return the product if something goes wrong within the warranty coverage period.