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Best Shoes for Nurses Reviews for Comfort and Support in 2021

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Nurses are compassionate hardworking professionals who love what they do but part of their job is to be up on their feet 12-14 hours a day and doing long rounds of exhausting daily shifts. These long hours of walking, standing and sometimes running on hard concrete surfaces can take a toll on their feet. 

Studies show that prolonged standing on hard surfaces can lead to other long-term effects such as extreme fatigue, an increased chance of hip or knee arthritis, back pain, bunions, plantar fasciitis and varicose veins, to name a few.

Nurses are more prone to these problems since their job demands to be up on their feet at all times. Taking care of your feet is so important, that is why, it’s imperative you buy the best nursing shoes that offer enhanced support and are engineered to stay comfortable during long shifts. 

Top Five Nurse Shoes for WOMEN

Below are the best shoes for nurses that are up on their feet all day that we recommend based on their level of safety, protection, comfort and durability. While they may be a bit pricey than regular shoes, you can take advantage of their discounted price at Amazon.

Good shoes should be able to absorb shock and offer enough support. Shoes that are crafted with high-quality molded plastic are recommended. There are also shoes that are made of breathable materials and slip-resistant soles to bring comfort to the feet, and protect them from slipping. Below are some of the best nurse shoes for women – reviewed in detail.

#1 Dansko Professional Clogs for Nurses

Dansko are known for creating comfortable shoes for doctors, nurses and chefs. Their footwear is engineered to be worn all day long. Made of leather with rubber outsoles and steel shanks, they are designed to be comfortable, durable and stylish. They also have removable foot beds to allow for orthodontics, and help distribute weight evenly. The best part is this footwear is easy to clean. They come in many styles and are available in both full and half sizes. Many nurses with high arches find these shoes good for their feet because they provide the right amount of cushioning.They are also good for wide feet.

Dansko produces a very comfortable shoe with great life span making them the best clogs for nurses. Their shoes are made to last. They also offer great support for the sole and the arch of the foot. Many people who used these clogs testify relief from their back pain. They offer slip resistant rocker outsole. 

They also have the seal of acceptance from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) and have been tested by Precision Testing Laboratories in Nashville, Tennessee.

#2 Timberland Professional Renova for Women

These shoes are known for their wide and roomy toe box, making them perfect for individuals with wide feet and high arches. Those who have flat feet will also benefit from these shoes and will help alleviate hip and foot pain. These slip-ons also feature super comfortable suede and cushioned soles that make them really comfy to wear ridding the need of using any inserts anymore. Apart from that, they have incredible traction which makes walking briskly on concrete surfaces or wet tiles a breeze. They can also correct heel for extra comfort. With its reasonable price, this pair of shoes is a steal!

These are particularly popular with chefs and nurses due to its slip resistant outsole, cushioning and arch support that gives stability to feet all day. The shoes are available in white, black and brown and are available in both wide and standard sizes.

#3 Alegria Dayna Professional

They are the perfect shoes for those in the nursing or food industry due to its stain resistant upper leather. They come in a Mary Jane flat and offer a hook and loop closure strap for a perfect fit. They have memory foam cushion and latex footbed with excellent arch support. Polyurethane outsole offers slip resistant with rocker bottom which helps to reduce heal pressure and metatarsal pressure with each strike. These shoes are guaranteed to provide the necessary comfort for standing and walking all day.

These shoes are also perfect for people with flat feet. They are attractive and well-cushioned, plus you can replace the cushions when you see they are beginning to wear out. The heals are not as high as the Dansko shoes, making them a good option for people having difficulty with turning their ankles. Overall Alegria’s footbed design offers ample arch and heel support to help relieve stress on the legs, hips and back from long hours on the feet. 

#4 Crocs Mercy Clog for Women

Crocs Mercy has the official seal of approval from the APMA which means that their products are beneficial for promoting good foot and ankle care. Their shoes, boots and sandals are made of closed-cell resin plastic and are designed to hug the sole of the feet for a comfortable and sure fit. Crocs shoes are available in various designs and colors, making them perfect for different work situations. They are not only stylish, but are also known to be lightweight, slip-resistant and odor-resistant. Crocs Mercy clog is designed for people who work in the hospital and it is considered a safety shoe with no holes in front and closed heal area in the back.

Featuring the Crocs Lock Technology, this footwear is tested to be slip-resistant. It also provides added protection through its extra-dense construction.

Crocs shoes are easy to keep clean and are known for their foot bed that massages each step you take. The perfect shoe for day and night shift nurses that stand and work on their feet.

#5 Nurse Mates’ Dove for Women

Rest assured shoes from the Nurse Mates brand are made to help you feel great on your feet. They are made of stain-resistant leather upper finish that comes with elastic goring and padded collar for easier entry.

Their signature foot beds also offers comfortable cushioning when you are walking or when you’re standing. People with low arches and flat feet may want to check out some of their shoes for nurses. Nurse Mates also offers limited edition clogs that will help you relax as they absorb the shock in your feet as you walk. 

Top Five Nurse Shoes for MEN

While we are searching for some of the most comfortable shoes for nurses, we noticed that most of the good shoes are designed for women. Male nurses and male doctors work just as hard and as long as their female counterparts, and need to have their own list too. Here are some of the best nurse shoes for men that we recommend. These shoes are not only comfortable, but are also stylish and durable.

#1 Dansko Men’s Pro XP Clogs

Men’s Pro XP Clogs from the iconic Dankso is for professionals that stay up on their feet all day long. These clogs feature a removable cushioned footbed and slip-resistant outsole. This shoe which has a roomy toe box is flexible and lightweight which makes it great for long hours of wear. It has a padded instep that allows easy movement. Heel height is 2” and we love the memory foam footbed.

If you’re looking for relief for lower back pain, find yourself working on your feet between 10-12 hours the Pro XP Clogs for men is well worth the investment.

#2 Sanita Men’s Professional Oil Clog

Crafted of brown leather (also come in black) with a rubber man-made sole, this footwear offers a professional and sleek appearance to your feet. These shoes are comfortable and easy to clean. In fact, their female counterparts are also among the most popular clogs for many years.

If you’re looking for support and durability – you won’t go wrong with the Sanita clogs.

#3 Crocs Unisex on The Clock Work Slip on

These unisex Crocs have an enclosed toe and heel which makes them work-friendly. It features an enhanced arch support, is lightweight, soft and comfortable. These shoes have a slip-resistant treat to help prevent injuries, have contoured footbeds and meet the ASTM standard. These roomy unisex crocs are perfect for hospital professionals, restaurant and retail workers who are up on “their feet” all day. Offered in black or white and can be purchased in online stores or on Amazon.

#4 KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip On Shoes

They are great for male nurses and other hospital workers who are looking for comfortable shoes. This footwear boasts a Keen patented toe protection and rubber sole for traction, as well as a memory foam that contours to feet. It meets the ASTM nonslip testing standards. 

The Keens come in solid black or solid white and are super comfortable to wear – a great shoe for those who work on their feet on hard surfaces and are looking for good support all day long.

#5 Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Shoe

If you’re looking for an affordable shoe designed to withstand hours of sitting and walking this is the real deal. Birkenstock are superior in quality, a brand that has been making shoes for over 200 years, this pair molds to your foot as you walk.

The footbed allows for even distribution of body weight over the whole foot so if you find yourself spending around 8-14 hours a day on your feet these are the best clogs for the job. A great wide foot shoe, heel measures c. 1.5” and to top it all it is dishwasher-safe! Another great choice of men’s clogs for those working in the medical field – comes in black and blue.

Buyers Guide for the Best Shoes for Nurses

Finding the right clog is based on personal preference and the build of your feet. However, before you start looking, it’s important to know what type or style is required by your employer. Most employers would require nurses the color white. They may have pink or blue details on them, so it’s important to ask if these designs or details are okay with your employer before purchasing them. For nursing students, white shoes are a must!

Comfort Should Always Come First

Comfort is the most important thing that you should look for in these shoes. Many nurses and nursing assistants choose to go to Wal-Mart or other stores, and buy regular white shoes for work. Remember that the supportive and cushioned clogs are worth the investment. You might have bought that regular shoe for a steal, but after working many hours, your feet will be killing you and that bargain will not be worth it!

Weight of the Shoes

Remember to check how much they weigh. Regular may not weigh that much, but the heavy ones can make your legs tire more quickly. The lighter the shoes are, the better you will feel.

Size of Toe Box

Because people have unique feet structure, there are those who require different toe box sizes. There are those who may need a wide toe box, and others who need a narrow one. Figure out what you need. There are brands that offer either a wide or narrow toe box, depending on your preference.

Level of Arch Support

There are also people who need different levels of arch support. There are those who may require a high arch support, and there are those that require narrow arch support. Check different shoes at stores to check which level of arch support you are most comfortable in.

Proper Sizing

Those purchased online can be bought at a discounted price and will bring more value to your money. But before you purchase online, you must know your foot size first. It’s recommended that you go to a local shoe store to know your size, especially if you are buying Dansko Shoes. They are hand-made and will therefore vary in size. Also, try and get fitted at the end of your work shift. Your feet will be swollen at this time of the day which is your ideal size.

Materials Used in Crafting the Shoe

Shoes made with high-quality materials will be more expensive than regular shoes. Some materials that you may want to see include: non-slip rubber outsole and breathable leather. The rubber outsole makes sure that you would not slip while you are on the job, and also adds stability to your step. Shoes made of mesh materials such as breathable leather are also recommended. There are also shoe brands such as Crocs that make antibacterial and easy to clean.

With Laces or Without

Determine whether you want with laces or not. Shoes with laces are okay, but if you are someone who wants to just slip on easily and quickly, then you might want to consider those that have straps instead.


Keep in mind that the best shoes for nurses should be able to protect your feet. Closed shoes will give more protection against diarrhea, vomit and other liquids that your feet might come in contact to at work.

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recognizes products that promote overall foot health. Shoes with their seal of approval and endorsement, such as the Dansko brand and Crocs are tested to bring the ultimate comfort and foot wellness for nurses who are on their feet all day.

How To Care For Your Feet

Finding the most comfortable pair of shoes is the best way to take care of your feet. However, you might also find some of these tips helpful:

Compression Socks

Wear compression socks if you stay up on your feet between 8-14 hours. Socks will add more comfort and cushioning as well as give protection for your feet.

Gel Inserts

Gel inserts are really effective in adding comfort and relief for the feet. If you do not have the budget to buy a new pair of shoes yet, try inserting Dr. Scholl’s gel foot inserts to your regular shoe and you can feel the difference. However, a comfortable pair of white nurse shoes and gel inserts is still a winning combination.


If you are having swollen feet, and they hurt after working all day, try massaging your feet and legs. This will help circulate the blood and prevent muscle cramps. Even of you are not experiencing any problem, reward yourself with a simple massage.