CNA Classes in Rhode Island

CNA Classes in Rhode Island

If you have made the decision to become a nursing assistant, there are several certified nursing assistant programs in Rhode Island that you can choose from to help you train.

Often classes can be taken during the day, weekends, and evenings. These courses vary from 3, 5, or 8 weeks depending on which program you choose to take. You might want to keep working at your current position and then take the course strictly on the weekends or you may want to compress the training and take it full time every day if you have no other conflicting obligations.

During training you will learn not only basic nursing skills but also about nutrition, physical fitness, confidence building skills, and how to provide that ever important bedside manner. You will need to review the skills along the way before you are required to sit your exam.

Prior to registration you have to have certain requirements met including providing a criminal reference check, and be able to read, write, and speak English. For other exact requirements it is best to check with the school that you wish to attend so we have provided a list for you to contact.

Nursing assistants often use these training programs as a stepping stone to becoming an LPN or RN.

Rhode Island CNA State Requirements

The Rhode Island Department of Health mandates that a nursing assistance training program is state approved and be completed in no less than 90 days. A competency exam is also required and can taken upon successful completion of a training program. This Rhode Island State Nurse Assistant Exam is generally conducted at the center where you obtained your training. Bear in mind there might be additional fee to sit the exam ($55) along with a $40 registration fee unless these costs have already been included in the course.

Once your training is completed and certification exam is passed you should apply for a Certification of Registration as a Nursing Assistant from the Rhode Island Nurse Assistant Registry. This completes the registration process and allows you now to seek employment as a Licensed CNA and start working.

Here is a list of approved CNA classes in Rhode Island complete with addresses and phone numbers for your convenience.

Bastien Academy Nursing Assistant Program
120 Amaral Street
East Providence
RI , 02915
Tel: (401) 369-9174
St. Antoine Residence
10 Rhodes Avenue
North Smithfield
RI , 02896
Tel: (401) 767-3500
The Friendly Home, Inc. CNA Program
303 Rhodes Avenue
RI , 02895
Tel: (401) 769-7220
Overlook Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
14 Rock Avenue
RI , 02859
Tel: (401) 568-2549
Oakland Grove Health Care Center
560 Cumberland Hill Road
RI , 02895
Tel: (401) 769-0800
Berkshire Place in Providence
455 Douglas Avenue
RI , 02908
Tel: (401) 553-8600
Phenix Home Care, Inc. CNA Class
227 Phenix Avenue
RI , 02920
Tel: (401) 943-6230
Waterview Villa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
1275 South Broadway
East Providence
RI , 02914
Tel: (401) 438-7020
East Providence Career and Technical Center
1998 Pawtucket Avenue
East Providence
RI , 02914
Tel: (401) 435-7815
Access Healthcare, Inc. Nursing Assistant Program
702 Warren Avenue
East Providence
RI , 02914
Tel: (401) 438-4747
Health Care Connections Nursing Services, Inc.
425 Willet Avenue
RI , 02915
Tel: (401) 437-3515
People in Partnerships CNA Training Program
111 Comstock Parkway
RI , 02920
Tel: (401) 941-1112
CCRI Center for Workforce and Community Education
1762 Louisquisset Pike
RI , 02865
Tel: (401) 333-7077
Woonsocket Area Career and Technical Center
400 Aylsworth Avenue
RI , 02895
Tel: (401) 767-4662
Cranston Alternate Education Programs
30 Cumberland Street,
RI , 02895
Tel: (401) 229-9702
Hope Nursing Home Care, LLC
478 Reservoir Avenue,
RI , 02910
Tel: (401) 467-8588

CNA Classes database last updated: June 11, 2017